Our Story

Established in 2006. TREE CHIC (formerly Hemp Tent) Eco Boutique started as a vendor tent promoting fair trade hemp goods at the Carling farmer’s market outside of Parry Sound: a friendly, outdoorsy small town on beautiful Georgian Bay (ON, Canada). The boutique is now open on the waterfront, a unique place to stop along the beautiful fitness trail. Located right where the trail crosses Bay St.

TREE CHIC is a small shop with big heart. Our guiding principles and goals are to be Environmentally & Socially Responsible, Support Fair Trade & Hand Made (Global & Local), Showcase and promote the most Sustainable, Ethical and Stylish products. We love to see people creating and expressing their unique style and feeling beautiful and comfortable in their bodies (we make clothes for every size!)


HEMP is one of the oldest and arguably the most ecologically friendly fabric in the world. Hemp fabric has been found in tombs that date back to 8,000 BC. Known for superior durability, strength, warmth, UV protection and natural softness, hemp clothing is an excellent choice for both comfort and wear & tear. Hemp comes from the plant Cannabis sativa and is often assumed to be a drug like it’s close cousin marijuana, which it is not. In fact it’s virtually impossible to get high from hemp but it does have many health benefits, and it’s long fibres produce a fabric that provides excellent insulation to keep you cool in the heat and warm when it is cold out. Hemp grows fast and without the need for pesticides making it a very eco-friendly choice.

BAMBOO is another one of Mother Nature’s wonder fabrics. Clothes made with bamboo fabric have a natural sheen and softness that feels and drapes like silk but is less expensive, more durable and easier to care for. The Bamboo used to produce fabrics is not the same species eaten by the Pandas. It is easily replenished as it grows quickly and it does not require pesticides, chemicals or irrigation. Bamboo is antibacterial, holds body heat in, yet is completely breathable. It’s strong as steel, but gentle against even the most sensitive skin.. So why not indulge yourself?

As new trends emerge in sustainable fashion we are always keeping an ear to the ground to find out everything we can and make the best choices for our beautiful planet. Some other quality, sustainable fabrics that we’ve started playing with include TENCEL, MERINO WOOL & RECYCLED POLYESTER

Fair Trade

We believe as people become more informed about the practices and politics of international production and trade they want to use their purchasing power to support their concerns of social justice and environmental sustainability.

Our funky and colourful Fair Trade clothing, accessories and jewellery from Nepal, Thailand and India will brighten up any wardrobe and make a statement in more ways than one. Our hand-crafted clothing in a ribbed patchwork style uses natural dyes, stone washing and delicate hand embroidered designs. These traditional South Asian methods are used to create unique clothes that are so comfortable and look amazing ~ you’ll get compliments everywhere you go!

While environmental sustainability is one of the principals of fair trade it also ensures that workers and artisans are paid a fair salary while working in a safe environment and are offered benefits such as health-care and education for their children. We believe in fair trade leading to social benefits and are not focused on profit alone.

TREE CHIC offers clothing and accessories that provide independent income to people from a range of social and economic levels. These clothes and accessories are an excellent choice for work or play and made to last from durable ecological fabrics, so you get the best value for your dollar!

Canadian & Locally Made

In the past couple of years our country has seen the emergence of a grassroots movement towards buying more locally-made products. It seems the pendulum has gone as far as it can in the outsourcing direction, and designers are striving for more balance and better quality control by choosing Canadian manufacturing. Hemp and Bamboo fabrics have taken the fashion and sewing world by storm, and with good reason. These fabric is sound ecologically, have reputed microbial properties, are comfortable to wear and also easy to sew.

Bamboo clothing is light-weight, breathable, smooth and flattering. No matter the occasion you’ll look and feel lovely in this luxurious fabric that feels and wears like silk after every wash. Fast growing and quick spreading, Bamboo improves the soil and stops erosion. And it can be grown without fertilizers or pesticides since it is naturally disease and pest resistant.

Hemp fabric lasts 3-4 times longer than cotton, so in the long run it is much more cost effective. Hemp grows organically, is biodegradable and has many uses including paper, food and medicine. Many of our hemp and bamboo outfits are proudly Canadian made. They are machine washable, long lasting and endlessly comfortable.. an excellent choice for quality, comfort, style and value.