8 Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

When I was a kid, Valentine’s Day was a lot like Easter. All about the chocolate. I still love chocolate, but I’ve found a lot more to love, and learnt to take time to celebrate all that I hold dear. Including this planet. That’s why I’m always looking for ways to introduce eco-friendly traditions into all the holidays.

Well, there are certainly a lot of ways to love our Mother Earth. From wearing clothes that aren’t made with harsh chemicals and buying organic when you can… to driving in an electric car and eating meat without growth hormones.

February is almost here! And the only thing you still have to find this Valentine’s Day is the gift. If your Valentine has a green thumb and loves the environment, why not get them something that will make being eco-friendly fun?

Explore this blog of eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas designed to delight your loved ones, save you money, and protect the earth.

Check out some of our Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas that are sure to please

  1. Natural Candies
    There’s a new trend in candy stores, to become more eco-friendly. From offering vegan options and eco packaging, to shops entirely dedicated to natural candies! Checkout Natural Candy Store for lots of yummy treats that are natural.
  2. Felt crafts
    This one you can make yourself or with kids. Naturally dyed felt is made of eco-friendly wool (and sometimes recycled content – check the package) so it makes awesomely natural decor and gifts. We made cute felt hearts with our kids to hang in our mini Christmas tree turned Valentine’s tree!
  3. A home cooked meal
    It might seem like a classic Valentine’s idea, but cooking at home saves on fuel, and if you make it vegetarian/vegan your diner date can be extra loving to the planet as well.
  4. Sustainable jewelry
    Handmade and fair trade pieces are always a favourite gift for me! Take a look at these beautiful sustainable jewelry pieces that will make your heart happy, and your wallet too. 
  5. Houseplants
    Think about your relationship and the person you’re getting a gift for. Choose a houseplant that’s special, and will last a long time with proper care, like your relationship. Cut flowers die eventually, this is really not a great omen on Valentine’s Day.
  6. Support local makers
    Art is a labour of love after all. Plus shopping local will spread some love in your community too!
  7. Go to a spa or have an at home spa day
    Nothing says “I love you” quite like a massage. Some eco-friendly and handmade massage oil, bath balms, a bamboo robe or even natural tea can make a relaxing diy gift box.
  8. Donate to charity
    For an extra special gift that spreads love far and wide consider supporting your Valentine’s favourite charity.

I hope this blog of sustainable Valentine’s day gift ideashas helped you think of the perfect way to celebrate love. If you need more inspiration, here are some nifty eco gifts from our shop:

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What other things do you do to celebrate Valentine’s day in an eco-friendly way? Share your favourite ideas with us in the comments!

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