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Mother’s Day gifts for all the mothers in your life

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th. Shop in store or treat your mama to some eco-friendly treats with our fast shipping. We’ll package it up and get it out to your mom pronto. Get the kids involved and use some recycled paper and crayons to create unique wrapping paper for nana’s gift.

Spouses! We know you help the kids shop for that busy on-the-go mom. Stop in and we’ll help you pick out some fair trade finds that will make her feel as special as she is!

Yoga Mom Gifts

Ethical gifts for mom

Eco gifts for mom

Business mom gifts

Gifts to help mom relax

Spiritual gifts for mom

Eco Mothers Day Gifts


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5 Fall Eco Fashion Favourites

fall eco fashion vintage sweaters

Fall is such a beautiful, inspiring time. We reflect on the year so far, and we get very, very cozy, as we ask ourselves what’s needed this season.

I wrote the following list of my top 10 priorities this fall:

1. Time with loved ones  2. Intentional movement  3. Time outdoors  4. Healthy food  5. Water  6. Conversation  7. Learning  8. Creativity  9. Warmth  10. Comfort

Here are my 5 Fall Eco Fashion Favourites… for warmth and comfort

1. WARM SWEATERSFall Eco Fashion Favourites
One of my favourite thing about fall is getting all my cozy sweaters out. Warm Woven Sweaters, Cozy Hemp Sweaters, Vintage Sweaters, Funky Fair Trade Sweaters

Nothing makes fashion more fun than accessories, and fall offers lots of opportunities! Scarves, hats, mittens or wristlets, arm and leg warmers, cozy socks.

Fall is a time when we make a point of getting out for walks and other adventures before winter. As the youngest of three sisters I’ve inherited most of my footwear. That’s what I call sustainable fashion! Do you have a favourite sustainable or vegan shoe company? Please let me know in the comments!

On cool mornings you can wear warm socks, a hat and sweater with leggings. They aren’t too warm in the afternoon and their more comfortable than most other pants. I like to wear a long shirt/tunic, short dress or mini skirt with leggings.

Always a favourite item in my store, long skirts are so elegant and classy. When it gets really cold I like to wear a long skirt over top of leggings. I have a few in stock and I will be making more, if you have a colour request please let me know.

Thanks for reading 🙂