Planet Friendly Father’s Day Gifts

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Tree Chic might be your favourite store, or his; either way, a planet friendly Father’s Day gift will let him know how much you care!

Chances are if conscious shopping is your jam, it’s his jam too. If he’s concerned about the ethics of trade, that’s probably played a role in how you make buying choices.

You want to give dad something special this Father’s Day. Your dad, adopted, step or other father figure is someone to celebrate! Not everyone gets the chance to play an important role in the life of a child, and not every child gets an amazing, supportive and loving father.

He’s someone who cared for you, loved watching you grow, spent time learning with you about the things that excited you… and you want to say ‘Thank you’.

Other than my own unique papa, I’m lucky enough to be celebrating the father of my two girls.

They couldn’t have asked for a better dad. He makes the meals, watches Wild Kratts with them while I sew, and takes them to Bearly Used Books on weekends. He does most of the school prep too, since he’s a morning person and I’m DEFINITELY not. And these are just some his super hero qualities.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me who you’re celebrating and how this June 16th?

Here are some Planet Friendly gift ideas to make him feel great!

Father’s Day Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Coffee from Black Stone Coffee roasted in Parry Sound.

Planet Friendly Father’s Day Gifts for Yoga Dads

Gifts for Ethical Gentlemen

Planet Friendly Father's Day Gifts For Ethical Gentlemen

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