Batik Pareo Sarong Fair Trade made in India



Each of our ethical batik design pareo is an original art piece. Approximately 200 x 100 cms rectangle of gorgeous hand dyed fabric you can tie in many ways.

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Each of our ethical batik design pareo is an original art piece.

Batik painting is a centuries-old fabric dyeing technique that starts by hand-tracing an original design on a light but sturdy fabric. The design is then hand-painted. Next, hot wax is applied where color is not required. The material is then dyed and the wax removed, leaving only the original design. This is repeated as many times as is necessary with each color representing a separate dyeing and waxing process.

100% cotton. 200 x 100 cms. Each pareo comes in a handmade cotton bag.

These fair trade pareo (sarong) are hand made by disadvantaged people, especially women, trained and employed by social organizations in South India, or working individually. We believe in fair trade leading to social benefit and are not focused on profit alone.

Want to learn how to tie a pareo? Her is an excellent tutorial with popular style:

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Batik Pareo Sarong
Batik Pareo Sarong Fair Trade made in India