Fair Trade Necklace Carved Marble, adjustable – 20 designs


Ethical fair trade necklace made of hand carved marble! We purchase our jewelry only from partners respecting the Fair Trade Standards. 

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2 Cats 2 Dolphins Ankh Buddha Cobra Cross Daisy Dolphin Dragon Elephant Endless Knot Fish Geko Goddess Jumping horse OM Pentacle Triskle Turtle Yoga
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Stone carving is a traditional art from South India, especially in the Puducherry region. Quality carved marble necklaces are each unique and hand made. Makers are trained and employed by social organizations in South India. We purchase our marble necklaces only from partners respecting the Fair Trade Standards. 

Choose from the following 24 designs!
Top: 2 dolphins, dragon, geko, turtle, triskle, 3 circles, yogi.
Middle row: elephant, cross, ankh, buddha, goddess, cobra, surf board, sea horse, OM.
Bottom row: dolphin, fish, endless knot, star flower, pentacle, daisy, jumping horse, 2 cats.