Set of FIVE Natural Recycled Wood Twig Pencils


Real tree branch pencils ethically handmade in Thailand. A perfect gift, party favor or cottage decor.


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Our unique twig pencils are crafted from natural tree branches with pencil inserts made from sustainable Tamarind Trees which are very common and prolific throughout SE Asia. Tamarind Trees are farmed for there fruit and when trimmed the twigs are used to make twig pencils and pencil crayons.

Great gift idea for decoration or occasional use. Awesome for forest themed parties, kids birthdays, outdoor or natural weddings.

Twig Pencil Details

Each pencil is 7 inches long.
Sold in sets of FIVE.

We are a Fair Trade company.

While environmental sustainability is one of the principals of fair trade it also ensures that workers and artisans are paid a fair salary while working in a safe environment and are offered benefits such as health-care and education for their children. We believe in fair trade leading to social benefits and are not focused on profit alone. These natural recycled wood pencils are imported for you from Thailand by the folks at
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