Sterling Silver, Coral & Turquoise Earrings Fair Trade Nepal


925 Sterling Silver, Coral & Turquoise Fair Trade Earrings. Handmade in Nepal. 10% is donated to the Nepal Library Foundation.

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925 Sterling Silver Coral & Turquoise Fair Trade Earrings. Handmade Nepal.

Healing Benefits of Turquoise (the stone for sensitive people)

The stone of purification is turquoise. Wearing it will protect you from outside influences and airborne toxins while dispelling negative energy. All of the chakras are balanced and aligned by turquoise, which also stabilises mood swings and promotes inner serenity. It works wonders for fatigue and melancholy and can help stop panic attacks. Turquoise encourages self-realization and supports original thinking. It inspires romantic love and serves as a metaphor for friendship.

Turquoise improves the immune system, stimulates tissue regeneration, aids in nutrition absorption, and heals the entire body. It has anti-inflammatory and purifying properties, eases cramps, and reduces pain.

Healing Benefits of Coral (the stone for courageous people)

Coral is a symbol of cooperation and diplomacy. It calms the emotions and promotes inner tranquilly. helps with visualisation, imagination, and intuition. Coral speeds up and accelerates knowledge transfer.

Red Coral encourages active pursuit of predetermined objectives. It offers defence against melancholy and sadness.

Fair Trade Earrings featuring coral and turquoise encourage inner calm and balance the chakras

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Fair trade earrings sterling silver turquoise coral
Sterling Silver, Coral & Turquoise Earrings Fair Trade Nepal