Tie Dye T-Shirt, 100% Cotton Fair Trade


Classic tie dye t-shirt Fair Trade hand made in Nepal. Beautiful vibrant blue. Heavy ribbed 100% Cotton is stretchy and soft. One size fits most.

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Tie Dye Tee, HAND MADE IN NEPAL, 100% Cotton. Blue.
Our Fair Trade products help develop the skills and lifestyle of people from the hilly and mountainous regions of Nepal where the raw materials originate. The workers and artisans come from a range of social and economic levels. They are offered benefits such as health-care and education for their children. We believe in fair trade leading to social benefits and consider the wellbeing of the people more important than profit.. We select our sources carefully to be 100% free of child labor.

Size: One size fits most.

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tie dye t-shirt fair trade blue
Tie Dye T-Shirt, 100% Cotton Fair Trade